Are Natural Skin Care Products Better Than Chemical-Based Ones

It is easy to understand why many consumers think that natural products are better than chemical-based formulas. Apart from them being marketed as sustainable and eco-friendly, they are also believed to be safer for your skin. As they contain no artificial dyes, chemicals, and other by products, they are also less likely to irritate the skin.

But is it true? Are natural skin care products the “better” choice? Should you make the switch to a “natural” skincare routine?  

What does natural mean?

The term natural in skin care refers to products that are formulated with ingredients sourced from nature. These can include water, plants, and natural oils. Many are marketed as pure, non-chemical, and contain plant-based ingredients that are kinder or gentler on the skin. 

The sad part about the term “natural” is that it isn’t an official term. There are no regulations or standards around it and many companies use it as a clever marketing tactic. In fact, anyone can make a product with just one or two naturally-sourced ingredients and then label it natural. 

Just because a manufacturer claims that what they’re selling is natural, does not mean that it is 100% made with natural ingredients. It also doesn’t mean that the product is regulated, tested, or inspected. Companies can also call their products “all-natural” despite them having ingredients that don’t constitute as natural. 

It is also important to keep in mind that “natural” ingredients or those that are found in nature are not necessarily the “better” or “safer” choice. The same also goes for lab-created ingredients – chemical doesn’t mean toxic. It is also worth noting that a lot of natural ingredients can sometimes be harmful or irritating to the skin (like citrus-based ingredients).

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Chemical doesn’t mean toxic

The word “chemical” in skincare is sometimes used by companies to scare buyers, indicating that chemical equals toxic. This is not entirely true, as not all chemicals are harmful and synthetic. Some chemical-based formulas are also plant-based, with ingredients derived from nature.

Many companies also develop synthetic ingredients to mimic naturally-occurring substances. You should know that a lot of chemical formulas are safer and more effective than those made with “natural” ingredients. Some products, however, do contain toxins that can be harmful to the skin, both in natural and chemical skincare. 

Setting the record straight

The source of an ingredient does not validate the product’s safety or efficacy. There are lots of safe natural ingredients that can benefit the skin, but there are also those that do more harm than good. Many organic ingredients found in skincare can also be harsh and abrasive, as well as cause sensitivities over time.

In many cases, chemically formulated products are more stable and safer when compared to certain natural alternatives. This is because many of these products are tested and cosmetic regulations impose limits on the amount of chemicals that can be used.

You may also be glad to know that many skincare companies use both chemical and natural ingredients, or at least find the balance between both sources. You don’t have to pick a side, as the integration of both sources can be good for the skin. Working with a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor can help you create an ideal routine that suits your concerns, needs, and goals.

Dr. Sylvia Skin Care

Cutis’s own skincare brand uses both natural and chemical ingredients. Our very own Dr. Sylvia has selected manufacturers that provide US FDA and Health Canada compliant ingredients. These are also backed by clinical studies for effectiveness in addressing or improving cosmetic outcomes. 

The Dr. Sylvia Skin Care line represents an intensive, medical grade collection that delivers multi-layer fortification to the skin. These include: 

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