The Importance of Hormones in our Body

What are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals that are naturally occurring in our bodies. Hormones affect cells in other parts of the organism and the major target is the brain.

There are different types of hormones in our body. Although each of them has a specific purpose, they all function in a complex connection.

Why do we need hormones?

Hormones can influence our body to function properly. They are the reason why our body changes from a child to an adult, why our body is building muscle, why our immune system is functioning well, why we can use food as fuel to our body, why we feel good and energetic and other important functions we needed to live better.

Hence, deficiencies can make us feel poor. As we age, our hormone production changes – some increases, some decreases, and some may be the same. These changes can cause hormone imbalance or hormone deficiency.

How hormone deficiency affects men?

For men, the loss of testosterone and other hormones that the male human body naturally produces is referred to as andropause. In fact, andropause is not universally recognized as a disease state. As a result, men are at a real disadvantage as they begin to struggle with their own set of symptoms. Because the drop is slow and steady, symptoms of testosterone deficiency are sometimes imperceptible until bigger health problem emerge.

Testosterone Deficiency (TD) is not universally recognized but it affects about 39% of men over the age of 45. In Singapore, a study shows that 26 % of respondents were noted to have some form of androgen deficiency.

These are some of the signs that your hormone levels are falling.

  • Loss of muscle mass and strength
  • Weight gain
  • Higher body fat (especially abdominal fat)
  • Decreased bone density
  • Decreased libido
  • Depression
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Emotional swings, irritability, anxiety, depression
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Foggy thinking, memory lapses

How hormone deficiency affects women?

Menopause is a normal change in a woman’s life when her period stops.  During menopause a woman’s body slowly produces less of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.  This often happens between ages 45 and 55.  Estrogen and progesterone flux depending upon the ovarian cycle and absolute and relative deficiencies occur as a woman ages.

As a general rule – testosterone levels decline first in the mid 30′s. estrogen and progesterone decline next in the mid 40′s. Progesterone declines faster, thus resulting in a relative estrogen dominance/progesterone insufficiency. Finally, estrogen and progesterone decline to low levels (menopause). As you near menopause, you may have:

  • Decrease in overall well-being
    • Changes in your period—time between periods or flow may be different
    • Hot flashes (“hot flushes”)—getting warm in the face, neck and chest with and without sweating
    • Night sweats that may lead to problems sleeping and feeling tired, stressed or tense
    • Vaginal changes—the vagina may become dry and thin, and sex may be painful
    • Thinning of your bones, which may lead to loss of height and bone breaks (osteoporosis)
    • Weight gain and Fatigue
    • Mood changes, irritability
    • Bloating, fluid retention
    • Memory and other cognitive changes
    • Sleep problems
    • Decrease in libido and sexual function

How to treat hormone deficiency/ hormone imbalance?

Because hormones decline slowly as we age, we adapt to living with a poor hormone environment and we accept the symptoms as normal signs of aging. However, normal is not optimal and aging can be and should be medically managed.

Medical advances such as Age Management Medicine can optimize and increase quality of life while minimizing the risk of chronic disease. Age Management Medicine is the term used to manage or delay the indicators of aging and prevents premature disability and death. As a result, patients enjoy a higher quality of life, enhanced sense of well-being and a longer health span.

Age Management Medicine’s key elements include the right nutrition, exercise, proper mindset, and hormone optimization.

Hormone optimization such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment wherein a patient receives hormones to supplement or substitute other naturally occurring hormones.

Hormone optimization can improve:

  • Libido and sexual performance
  • Muscle mass and strength (in combination with resistance training)
  • Body composition (reduction in body fat in particular abdominal – in combination with correct nutrition)
  • Sense of well being
  • Moods and energy
  • Bone mineral density
  • Glucose control

Optimizing hormones should and only be treated by a trained Age Management physician and should be monitored closely. And like any medical treatment, hormone replacement therapy should be individualized with a review of risks and benefits for each patient.

Receive One Complimentary Optimagenics™ Body Diagnostic & Age Management Consultation

Optimagenics Body Diagnostics

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The Body Diagnostic will provide you with helpful information about your body’s current status such as:

  • Body fat by extremeties inclusive of viseral fat
  • Muscle and bone mass
  • Body water percentage
  • Metabolic age

Following the Body Diagnostics is a consultation with our Age Management Counselors to help you achieve your health goals.

Age Management is the term used to manage or delay the indicators of aging and prevents premature disability and death. As a result, patients enjoy a higher quality of life, enhanced sense of well-being and a longer health span.

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The Pros & Cons of Temporary & Permanent Hair Removal

Laser-Hair-RemovalPeople usually follow the trend and look for a popular hair removal method to deal with their unwanted hair. However, popularity is not the basis of effectiveness and efficiency as it can just be over-advertised and there are many claims of treatment results that may be unreliable.

The best way is to do your own research and browse online reviews, blogs and forums so that you have enough information before making an appointment for a hair removal treatment. Knowing about the pros and cons of different hair removal methods will also help you to decide which may be the best for you.

There are two general types of hair removal methods – temporary hair removal and permanent hair reduction.

Temporary hair removal refers to the methods that are easy, fast and can be done at home or in a salon. It normally lasts for several hours to several days.

Temporary Hair Removal Methods:


Shaving is the fastest and cheapest method. It’s done using a shaver or a razor to remove the hair in the skin surface. Proper shaving is done by shaving the hair on the same direction of the hair growth and not doing it back & forth.

Pros: It is least expensive, quick and easy to do among all other methods. Most importantly, it is non-damaging to the hair follicles as it’s just a method of cutting the hair on the upper layer of the skin.

Cons: The result is short-lasting and it needs to be done more often as soon as the hair grows obviously in the skin. Possible risk of having razor burns, ingrown hairs, skin shadows & nicks.


Threading is done by trapping a portion of unwanted hair with a twisted cotton thread and pulling it off from the skin. It’s usually done in the eyebrows and other facial hairs.

Pros: The result is neat and may last longer than shaving, generally up to two to three weeks. The procedure is also fast and affordable.

Cons: Unlike shaving this method can’t be done at home as you need a trained beautician to do it for you. For sensitive skin, puffiness and redness in the skin may appear during or after the treatment. Possible risk of having bacterial infection in the hair follicles.


This method uses either hot or cold wax to apply into the skin. Thin wax also known as soft wax, is applied into large areas of the skin and pulls the hair off the follicle with the use of a cloth/paper strip. While thick wax, which is also known as hard wax, is applied on small areas of the skin that can easily remove the hair without the need of a cloth/paper strip.

Pros: The effects can last longer as the hair will be pulled off from the root (hair follicles) compared to shaving which can only cut hair in the skin surface.

Cons: This treatment is known to be painful compare to other temporary hair removal options and it is also time-consuming. Furthermore, it can cause ingrown hairs and pigmentation around the follicles.


The procedure is similar to waxing but the difference is that it uses natural ingredients which are mixed together and applied into the skin. With the right consistency and technique, sugaring can remove the hair from the root and it can last up to six weeks.

Pros: Perfect for people who loves to use organic or natural products as this is made of lemon juice, sugar, honey and water. It is less painful than wax since it doesn’t stick to the skin and it can be easily removed by water. It’s also less prone to skin irritation.

Cons: It’s difficult to get the right consistency and it needs at least ¼ inch of hair growth. Possible risk of having irritation and redness for sensitive skin.

Permanent hair reduction refers to the methods that involve advanced hair removal treatments which can only be done by a specialized physician. It requires a series of treatments but it lasts far longer than temporary hair removal.



Electrolysis is a device that uses low-level electricity which will pass into the skin and destroys the hair follicle. The procedure is done by inserting a very fine needle with low level of electrical current into the hair follicles. After the insertion, the hair is removed with tweezers.

Pros: The effect is long lasting and is almost permanent since the hair follicles are destroyed after the treatment.

Cons: The treatment is very tedious and will take a couple of hours as the fine needle is needed to be inserted in each hair follicle. There is also a possible stinging and pricking sensation every time the needle is inserted. If not done properly, there is a possible risk of skin discoloration and redness.


This method uses a concentrated beam of light energy that targets and destroys hundreds of hair follicles in a large area of the skin.

Pros: The result is nearly-permanent when a series of treatment is done. This treatment doesn’t cause skin infections, don’t even leave marks and is applicable for all skin types and tones, from light to darker skin, including tanned people.

Cons: The treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin but cold compress and numbing creams is used to prevent discomfort. This is treatment not appropriate for white hair.


Intense pulse light or IPL is one of the most popular hair removal methods. It works by delivering light that is absorbed by the pigments of the hair, which disables the growth of the hair follicles. It also delivers light energy to hundreds of hair follicle at a time. It works well with light to medium skin tones and best on darker hair.

Pros: This also gives a permanent hair reduction after a series of treatments.

Cons: This treatment is not effective for gray, red and white hair. People with dark skin color cannot do this treatment as it can burn their skin.

Permanent hair reduction can be a good option to save time and effort. Although, it requires series of treatments but it will at least last far longer than temporary method options. This means that after undergoing for a several treatments, you will then free from the daily regimen of removing your unwanted hair. However, keep in mind that depending on the age, hormones, or genetics of the person there is still a possibility for the hair to re-grow after many years.

There are many other temporary or permanent hair removal methods out there aside from those that are mentioned here. Nevertheless, seeking a specialist is still the best option for you to have better understanding of which of these treatment options will best suit your skin type.

Aesthetic clinic doctors and physicians are now known to be specialist for different hair removal concerns. Consultations are mostly required to be able to properly analyse the skin colour, skin type and skin conditions before recommending a specific device.


Hair RemovalShaving may be the least expensive, easiest and common form of removing unwanted hair. However, not doing it properly can cause unpleasant skin problems and it may even lead to long-term skin damage. Therefore, it is important to know about the possible skin problems you may get from shaving.

1. Itching
First on the list is itching and this happens when the hair starts to grow back a few days after shaving. Shaving helps to cut the hair only at the skin surface which is not deep enough to cut the root. This means that the hair will come back quickly and there is the need to shave it regularly. Thus, the skin will continue to be irritated after shaving and scratching may lead to scars.

2. Cuts or Nicks
The most obvious reason of getting cuts or nicks from shaving is being careless. Cuts associated with shaving commonly happen because the person is rushing to finish. So make sure to have ample amount of time when shaving to prevent cuts and nicks.

3. Razor burn
Razor burn is another skin problem that is caused by shaving. Some people think that if they press the blade harder in the skin, it will cut the hair deeper. The problem is that shaving can only remove the hair on the surface and pressing it harder will only damage the skin causing it be painful and look inflamed or worst – swollen.

4. Ingrown hairs, Razor Bumps or “Chicken Skin”
The common problem while shaving is stroking the blade to the opposite of the hair direction and over doing it back and forth. These may cause the hair to curl back into the skin or otherwise known as “ingrown hairs”.
When the hair is curled in and it hits the skin, razor bumps occur. Razor bump or chicken skin is another inflammation that results to skin irritation, redness and scars. This is not just a shallow reaction of the skin to the blade. Razor bumps have deeper effect since the inflammation is from the hair follicle on the dermis and expanding up to the skin’s outer layer or epidermis.

Furthermore, pustules which are common in acne may develop and appear into the skin if the area becomes infected.

5. Folliculitis
Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicle which usually occurs when the follicle is damaged through shaving, rubbing from clothing or a blockage of the follicle. Repeated tiny cuts caused by the razor can create small openings that can allow bacteria or fungus to enter the skin and damage the hair follicles.

Hair removal in the form of shaving is considered as part of our everyday skin care regimen. Shaving provides a quick solution to remove unwanted hair but it does not provide long term effect.
It may also be best to consider looking for a hair removal method that’s best for your skin.
If you want to achieve long term hair reduction, you may want to try different hair removal treatments that is done by professionals and choose a laser clinic that provides safe and effective hair removal treatments.

How to Treat Hyperhidrosis or “Excessive Sweating”

Have you heard about the condition called hyperhidrosis?

palm sweatingHyperhidrosis
is a serious medical condition which is commonly known as “excessive sweating”. It mostly affects the palms, soles, underarms as well as other parts of the body. This happens when the cooling mechanism of the body is overactive causing the skin to sweat more than normal.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis may experience discomfort, anxiety-induced, embarrassment, or even a disruption in social life. It may also affect their emotional well-being and self-confidence.

There are a lot of remedies posted online that can calm down your hyperhidrosis. Among the remedies you can find are; applying the affected area with alcohol, loose powder or over-the-counter/prescribed anti-perspirant. However, the best way to treat this condition is having an appropriate medical procedure such as local sweat gland excision, mild micro-electrical current treatment (Iontophoresis) and Botox.

Botox, the brand name of botulinum toxin, is a safe and effective product that is US FDA approved used in certified aesthetic clinics to treat not just skin concerns like wrinkles but also spasms and excessive sweating. It is actually a treatment that is used to improve movement of children with conditions such as spasticity.

Botox works by temporarily weakening the signal from a nerve to a muscle so that the wrinkle formed by muscle contraction relaxes and softens. Botox treats hyperhidrosis by blocking the acetylcholine receptor that activates the sweat glands, disabling its ability to sweat in the areas where it was injected.

The treatment will begin with the application of a numbing cream 15 minutes before the treatment to make the treatment comfortable. Botox is injected into the skin using very fine needles that feel like tiny ant bites. The effects of Botox will start about 5-7 days after the injection. Botox treatment will help to temporarily reduce the excessive sweating. It can decrease the sweat production for 6 to 7 months on an average.

Botox can only be injected by a licensed and properly trained medical doctor from any Singapore medical skin & aesthetic clinic or centre. Botox is a powerful neurotoxin and should only be administered by a doctor who has long years of experience with the treatment to avoid any negative side effects.

The Revolutionary Filler – Juvederm® Volbella


A soft and natural look and feel – this is the Juvederm® Volbella experience.

Juvederm® Volbella is the new and highly anticipated hyaluronic acid (HA) filler designed to gently restore the natural-looking volume and contour of the lips. This paves the way for those who desire a natural feel of the lips for a longer time period.

A study showed that almost 100% of the subjects treated with Juvederm® Volbella reported that they achieved their desired results of lip fullness without excessive swelling or adverse side effects.  This study assessed each patient after 12 months and found out that more than 80% of them are still satisfied with their lip enhancements, suggesting that Juvederm Volbella can last up to a year in many patients.

Juvederm® Volbella is developed using the latest VYCROSS™ technology, a unique process that provides high concentration of cross-linked HA for an effective and long-lasting natural results with minimum swelling. Furthermore, Juvederm® Volbella’s injectable gel contains Lidocaine, a safe numbing ingredient, thus providing each patient with a comfortable experience.

Among the results of lip enhancement with Juvederm® Volbella includes; 1) improved definition of the lip border creating subtle younger-looking lips, 2) enhanced lip shape and fullness without the ‘trout pout’ or fish lips, 3) smoothened lip lines, smokers lines and marionette lines.

Because of its properties, Juvederm® Volbella can also be used to treat under eye concerns such as the “tear trough” or sunken lower eyelid, or what some individuals call “eyebags”.  Loss of volume under the eyes accentuates the lower eyelids which cannot be covered with makeup making a person look tired and unhealthy. Juvederm® Volbella helps to lift and improve this delicate lower eyelid area while minimizing concerns from previous fillers including swelling or excessive fullness. Overall, the improvement in the tear trough results in a fresh and rejuvenated look.

This revolutionary filler is now available at Cutis Medical Laser Clinics even before its official launch in Singapore.

Cutis provides professional and effective skin care treatments and products that is US-FDA approved. The clinic is headed by Dr Sylvia Ramirez, the Medical & Scientific Director, who has over 20 years of aesthetic medicine, chronic disease epidemiology, nephrology, and transplantation both in the United States and internationally.

To know whether you are a good candidate for Juvederm®  Volbella, please contact us at +65 6664 8119.

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Simple Tips before Trying New Acne Products and Acne Treatment

Acne TreatmentHaving acne skin problems can affect how a person feels. Acne often leaves the skin with acne spots, enlarged pores and rough texture. These skin concerns can make a person feel unattractive, uncomfortable and less confident.
There are several ways on how to remove acne, reduce acne scars and bring back the smooth, soft and clear skin you once have. You can either choose to use acne products or undergo an acne treatment.
Nevertheless, it’s important to take note of these simple tips before trying a new acne product or acne treatment that you think is fit for you.

1. Do your Research!
Nowadays, almost everything can be found online. Avoid buying an acne product or committing for an acne treatment without doing any research first. You don’t want to spend on an expensive product or treatment that doesn’t work or worst – makes your skin more prone to acne.

So, if you heard that a certain skin treatment or product can instantly remove your acne, research about it first before jumping on the bandwagon. Remember:

Not all expensive products can give effective results. Unfortunately, some brands have the budget to spend on advertisements rather than on the product itself. Choose a product based on the quality of its ingredients and not its popularity.
Check other people’s experiences and reviews about an acne product or acne treatment. You must also double check if they experienced any side effects or fallouts.
Lastly, take note that we all have different skin types and our skin’s reaction may not be the same as other people. What works for them may not work for you. Always take note of the skin type of the person and check whether you have similar experiences with regards to skin concerns.

2. Seek a Specialist on Acne Treatments
Whenever skin problems such as acne appear, it’s very important to consult a professional to effectively treat the problem without causing any bad side effects to your skin. These bad side effects can lead to more acne problems, deep acne scars, swelling or even skin inflammation.
Do a thorough research about the clinic’s background. Make sure that you go to a specialist who has enough credentials and experiences on doing acne and acne scars treatments.

3. Choose the Best Facial Treatments
You may also consider an effective facial treatment for your acne problems. Chemical peel is a popular facial treatment that helps to combat acne skin problems.
• The VI Peel is a chemical peel that provides superior and effective results. It vipeelis also recognized as one of the “must try” treatments for clearing pigmentation, acne skin conditions and acne spots. Because of it’s effective results, the VI Peel has been featured and recommended on many US TV shows including Ophra and Dr. Oz.
• gloChemical Peel is a safe and controlled procedure that helps to improve the appearance of acne prone skin. It uses glotherapeutics products that rebuild collagen and cell growth regeneration from the deeper layers of the epidermis.

4. Consider Non-Surgical Procedures to Have a Clear and Smooth Skin
Acne scar or acne spot occurs when an acne have dried up. It can result to enlarged pores, red marks and deep burrows leaving a rough and uneven skin texture.

Nowadays, medical advances have paved the way for us to recover back the smooth, soft and clear skin we always wanted. Non-surgical treatment like Laser Genesis is US FDA approved treatment that specializes in treating enlarged pores and diffusing redness that was caused by acne. After a single session with Laser Genesis, you may feel the subtle effects such as decrease in pore size and improvement on skin tone. The overall skin benefits may be seen after four to five sessions.

So now, before trying on new products or booking an appointment, try following these important guidelines to consider before trying new acne products or treatments. These guidelines may help you to save not just your time but also your money.

4 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

stretch marksStretch marks are a form of scarring in the skin. It is caused by tearing of the dermis, which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely. Many people find it unappealing to have stretch marks especially if it looks like red, pink, purple or white strips in the skin.

Often times, stretch marks are a result of sudden body and weight changes, puberty or pregnancy. Genetics can also play a role in having stretch marks. If your mother had stretch marks when she was pregnant, then there is a big chance that you will get it too.
Although you cannot totally remove stretch marks, you can lessen and reduce its appearance.

Here are 4 ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in your skin:

Tretinoin cream can improve the appearance of new stretch marks. Tretinoin cream can help to rebuild collagen making the stretch marks look like your normal skin. However, tretinoin cream is not advisable for pregnant women.

• Creams, gels and oils rich in Vitamin E can help to treat stretch marks. Vitamin E speeds up the cell production and repair that allows the skin to heal faster. It also helps the skin to be more elastic, reducing the existing stretch marks and preventing new ones.

• Laser treatment such as Laser Genesis is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by stimulating collagen growth. Laser Genesis is a non-surgical and US-FDA approved treatment that is safe and effective without thr unwanted side effects.

• Another treatment that combats stretch marks is the Apollo Fat Reduction RF Technology. Apollo effectively treats stretch marks by combining the therapeutic effect of Mono-Polar RF and Bi-polar RF energies in one applicator to simultaneously and homogeneously heat deep and shallow tissue layers while protecting the skin’s surface. TriPollar technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal RF energy to the targeted skin layers.

Are you Testosterone Deficient?


Having low testosterone for both men and women contributes to weight gain, fatigue, low libido, low bone density and muscle tone.

• What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an important hormone from the androgen group that is found both in men and women. Testosterone helps maintain muscle and bone mass and one of the main contributor to a person’s sex drive.

• What is Testosterone Deficiency?

Low testosterone level or otherwise known as Testosterone Deficiency (TD) happens as a person ages. TD has been found to be associated with obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

Nowadays, certain medical advances such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help to prevent TD and promote healthy aging. It’s not just adding more years to your life, but more life to your years.

• Testosterone in Men and Women

In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair.

Testosterone concentration declines with age among men 40 to 70 years of age. Four in 5 men may have symptoms of TD and having lower testosterone levels appear to promote a higher risk for mortality among men.

In women, testosterone also helps to maintain muscle and bone mass and contributes to their sex drive. Testosterone levels decline first in women in their mid 30′s.

The symptoms of TD includes:

• What is the solution for Testosterone Deficiency (TD)?

Hormone Optimization such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown to have major benefits in men and women as they age, and significantly decrease the incidence of osteoporosis, cognitive decline, inflammatory changes, metabolic syndrome, and diminished libido and associated sexual dysfunction that are caused by TD.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can also improve body composition and metabolic outcomes related to serum glucose and cholesterol levels such as insulin resistance – inability of cells to use insulin effectively.

For men, with appropriate initial screening and subsequent medical monitoring, Testosterone Replacement Therapy is safe and does not increase the risk compared to the men who are not on TRT.

For women, when administered properly and monitored carefully, Testosterone Replacement Therapy is safe. It must also be appropriately balanced with other hormonal factors, to improve quality of life and decrease risk of chronic disease.

Hormone Optimization such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a part of the Optimagenics™ Age Management Program by Cutis Medical Laser ClinicsOptimagenics™ is helping patients to get and stay healthy through a personalized program of nutrition, exercise, hormonal optimization, nutritional supplementation and improvement in mind-set.

In Optimagenics™ Age Management Program, every candidate undergoes current health status  and medical history evaluation, physical examination, and laboratory tests to determine whether the program is suitable for the candidate..

Optimagenics™ was featured in The Business Times Weekend last February 8-9, 2014. Click here to read the article,

Optimagenics The Business Times Weekend

Sources: WebMD, Medscape, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

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5 Easy Tips on How to have Healthy and Kissable Lips!


Lip care should always be included in your everyday beauty preparations.

Lip care may sound like a minor thing, but you have to admit that the lips are often the focus of attention in the face. It should have the shape, look and fullness that you desire.

Having chapped, dull and wrinkled lips is never attractive and at the same time it will make you look sick and tired.

So, here are 5 Easy Tips that will help you to have those healthy and kissable lips!

  • Tip #1: Moisturize is key. Moisturize your lips with your favorite Lip Balm or Lip Gloss. This will help to soften your lips and prevents chapped and cracked lips. It’s a definite must to include a Lip Balm or Lip Gloss in your make up kit!
  • Tip #2: Protect your lips from the sun! Yes our lips can get sunburn too if not protected properly. Always use lip products with SPF no matter what the season is. Applying a layer of sun protective lip product will do the trick. Or you can also look for lipsticks that have SPF from your favorite brands. 
  • Tip #3: Don’t over ‘Matte’ it. I know that there are make up looks that goes well with matte lips. But remember that Matte lipsticks can make your lips dry. Do not often use this ‘matte’ look especially if you know that your lips are already dry and chapped. 
  • Tip #4: Remove those lip lines. Age also takes a toll on our lips. Fine lines and wrinkles such as vertical lip lines and lipstick lines will be formed around it. Dermal fillers provide a natural lip treatment for reducing lip lines and enhancing the lips without the pain of surgery. This treatment can also help create fuller lips, accentuate the lip line or create a more defined cupid’s bow in a natural looking way.
  • Tip #5: Color care it. Apply lipsticks that does your lips good. glōminerals Lipstick contains antioxidants Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract that provides moisture and long lasting color to your lips. It’s also available in an array of rich, vibrant hues. 

Hope this 5 Easy Steps to have Healthy and Kissable Lips helped you to give more importance and care to your lips. Remember, having healthy and kissable lips is not just for your comfort, it will also make you look healthy and more attractive.

 P.S: This February 2014, receive a complementary glominerals lipstick or lip gloss for every purchase of glominerals Pressed or Liquid (Matte & Satin) Foundation.

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