Plump and full lips are commonly associated with youth and beauty. Some lips, however, can be naturally thin, while others lose volume and become thin over time. Enhancing the shape or the fullness of the lips often improves or accentuates a person’s facial appearance.

Here are some of the most common concerns about lips:

  • Thin or deflating lips – This can be natural or due to the aging process and other lifestyle factors.
  • Lip lines and wrinkles – These commonly show up on top of the lips and areas around the mouth.
  • Lips that lack volume or definition – Over time, lips become thinner and lose their Cupid’s bow or the double curve in the upper lip.
  • Dry or chapped lips – The appearance of dry, flaky, or chapped lips can make your pout look unhealthy and older.

A thinning pout, along with the appearance of wrinkles around the lip area, is one of the common concerns that many wish to change or improve. If you feel the same, it is good to know the nonsurgical aesthetic treatments are available to enhance the fullness of your pout, as well as soften lines and wrinkles.

What causes thin lips and lip wrinkles?

A number of factors can cause thin lips or contribute to volume loss and the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles. These include:

  • Genes – Your genes determine the size, shape, and plumpness of your lips. If your parents have thin or small lips, you are likely to have them too. Having naturally thin or smaller lips may also cause you to experience lip changes in your late 20s or 30s.
  • Aging – With less collagen and hyaluronic acid, your lips may not look full or plump as they were before. Aging causes a natural decline in the production of essential proteins and substances, which is why your skin sags and your lips thin.
  • Smoking – This habit causes premature lip thinning and wrinkles. Smoking damages your collagen and reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach your skin. Repetitive muscle movement due to puckering of the lips caused by sucking on the cigarette also increases your risk of developing lines around the mouth.
  • Sun exposure – Prolonged and unprotected UV exposure accelerates the aging process in both your skin and lips. This can then cause your pout to look less plump or fuller, with the appearance of lip lines. Also, your lips are more prone to sun damage, as they have no melanin and have thin skin.
  • Dehydration – This can be due to excessive consumption of caffeine and less water intake. Such habits can dehydrate your lips and lead to premature lip thinning. They can also increase the appearance of flaky or chapped lips.
  • Repeated use of straw or water bottles – This can contribute to lines and wrinkles due to the repeated pursing of the lips. Regularly using straws or water bottles contract the muscles around the mouth and break down collagen over time. This can also make your pout thinner.

How can we help?

Your lips are among the first areas to show signs of aging and betray your age. If you’re worried about a thinning pout or lines and wrinkles around your mouth, we at Cutis Laser Clinics are here to help. We have injectables and other aesthetic treatments that can plump up your lips and treat lines and wrinkles.

Your individualized treatment plan, depending on various factors such as your acceptable social downtime, your expected time frame and budget, will be explained in detail during your consultation with our Harvard trained Medical Director, Dr. Sylvia Ramirez.