Pink Intimate System Effectively Lightens Darkened Delicate Areas

Do you notice discoloration or darkening on the skin on your intimate areas? If yes, you are not alone. Many women experience the same and are looking for ways to safely and effectively lighten the area down there. This is despite the fact that it is perfectly normal for the skin on your delicate parts to be darker than elsewhere on your body. 

The discoloration down there happens gradually, so you might not be aware of it right away. It may also be a bit shocking when you finally notice or see how your skin tone has changed. This darkening is referred to as hyperpigmentation, which also happens on the skin on your face and other areas of the body. 

The color or severity of darkening varies from person to person. Those with paler skin might notice subtle color changes, while those with darker complexion might see a more noticeable difference. This hyperpigmentation can affect the labia and anus. 

What causes discoloration down there?

  • Friction and chafing – can be due to wearing extremely tight clothing or ill-fitting underwear, as well as daily activities such as exercise, walking, and sex. 
  • Sweating – sweat contains chemicals that can affect the color and texture of the skin. Sweating a lot increases your chances of having a darker hue in your intimate areas. 
  • Hormones – hormonal changes over time can cause the intimate area to gradually become darker. This can happen during puberty, pregnancy, or aging. 
  • Aging – can be due to repeated trauma and hormonal fluctuations that happen as you get older. Your skin also changes in color, texture, and elasticity as you age.
  • Frequent shaving – irritates the skin as the new hair starts to grow. Shaving creams and lotions also have chemicals that can contribute to darkening. 
  • Moisture and lack of ventilation – the intimate area is usually confined and covered with fabrics that don’t allow air to pass through. The lack of fresh air or ventilation can cause the skin to change color. 

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How Cutis can help with Pink Intimate System

Here at Cutis, we have the Pink Intimate System, which is a non-invasive lightening and rejuvenation for intimate and delicate areas. It can brighten the skin and discoloration in sensitive areas using a topical and non-invasive application that is specifically formulated, European CE-marked, and HSA Singapore registered.  

The whole procedure takes about 45 to 60 minutes. It starts with a deep purification of the skin, followed by the application of the Pink Intimate System. The solution features a delicate mixture of safe lightening ingredients (like glutathione and kojic acid) that is clinically formulated to lighten unsightly blemishes and darkening of the common intimate areas. It can be used in the following areas:

  • Underarms
  • Inner thighs
  • Areola (the skin surrounding the nipples)
  • Labia majora  (outer folds of the skin on the vaginal opening)
  • Mons venus or mons pubis (the skin above the pubic area)
  • Perianal region (the area around the anus)
  • Inguinal region (the area of the crotch)

What results can you expect with the Pink Intimate System? 

You can see improvements after the first application of the solution. The recommended protocol, however, is six sessions with an interval of seven to 10 days apart. You might be glad to know that the procedure is safe and non-invasive and doesn’t require any special precautions or recovery period.

  • Safely lightens delicate areas – the solution contains lightening essences that can improve the darkening in your intimate parts. 
  • Gently rejuvenates the vulva – the Pink Intimate System has tightening essences, as well as soothing and nourishing ingredients that can rejuvenate the area and make you feel younger and invigorated.
  • Allows you to feel more secure in your own skin – a lightened and rejuvenated delicate area can help you feel better or more confident in your body.
  • Helps improve intimacy during intercourse – feeling more secure in your own skin translates to enhanced intimacy or more confidence during sexual intercourse.

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