Optimagenics For Women Wellness Pack

Women’s Wellness Pack focuses on the health needs of each women. Packed with Omega 3, basic mix of essential multivitamins and minerals, Vitamin D and Bone Restoration supplements.

As our bodies age, this fine balance is lost. As the relative hormone levels shift in midlife — more drastically in women than in men — the osteoclasts gain the upper hand and bone mass begins to dwindle. Some bone is already being lost by the time women reach menopause, but the rate of loss can increase up to tenfold during the first five years after menopause.

One reason why some women experience bone mineral density loss even though they are taking calcium supplements is that they may not be absorbing enough elemental calcium.

To overcome the impediments that prevent the body from achieving optimal calcium status, Women’s Wellness Pack has been designed to support the bone density and strength that every women needs. It provides calcium in capsule form to ensure that it breaks down fully in the digestive tract.