GloClear Anti-blemish Cleanser 180ml

gloTherapeutics gloClear anti-blemish cleanser detoxifies acneic, congested, oily and breakout prone skin. This light, oil free 180ml facial cleanser contains benzoyl peroxide to eliminate acne causing bacteria. The cleanser removes impurities and excess oil however also contains gentle, soothing ingredients therefore, does not cause dryness or flaking.

  • An effective anti-blemish cleanser
    Eliminates the bacteria which cause acne
    Removes impurities and excess oil
    Calms and softens the skin
    Suitable for acneic skin, congested, oily, monthly or occasional breakouts


With dampened hands, massage a small amount of cleanser onto face. Massage gently into skin for 60 seconds and then remove by rinsing with warm water.


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