The Future of Medicine is available now – Pearl by Cutera

April 7, 2009

Pearl by Cutera has been called the “Future of Medicine” on the American show “Ask our doctors”.

Pearl by Cutera is an US FDA approved treatment that improves fine lines, uneven texture, sun damage and superficial acne scars in just 3-5 days.Clinical studies of the Pearl have revealed that 91% of patients treated reported significant or dramatic improvement in photodamage, skin tone and texture.New collagen formation in the dermis was seen in more than 80% of the subjects.  None of the subjects developed any complications (Brian  Zelickson, et al; President, American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, ASLMS, 2009).A study focusing only on Asian patients revealed over 90% of  patients reporting excellent overall improvement in pigmentation, pores, and skin elasticity (Henry Chan, et al. ASLMS 2009).

We  here at Cutis also use the Visia Complexion Analysis mentioned in the YouTube clip to scientifically demonstrate the effects of the Pearl treatment –

The Pearl treatment is available in April for $2,100 (USP: $2,800).

Please call +65 6801 4000 to make an appointment for your bright, “pearly” glow with minimal downtime.

Your Cutis Team

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