June 14, 2013

How can Botox be a solution for your problems?Botox has created a sensation in the cosmetic world, as it’s been considered as a perfect solution for several issues. But before we look at what magic it can actually do, let us quickly see what it actually is. Botox is made from toxin produced by a bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is a drug that can cause a lot of harm when ingested, but quite beneficial if used as a cosmetic. Here is what Botox can do for you.

Eye treatment

Botox has been approved for treatment of blepharospasm, lazy eye or strabismus, and twitching eyelids. It works in a similar way on the eyes as it does on muscles if administered in small doses. It causes temporary paralysis in muscles of the eyes. This treatment lasts up to several months and may lead to permanent change in alignment of the eye.

Reduce Migraine Headaches

Botox is very effective when it comes to treating migraine headaches. It is injected into the neck, forehead, and shoulders releasing muscle tension. It also relieves the strain on nervous system hence lessens pain.

Ease Muscle Aches

According to studies, the substance is effective in the reduction of arthritis pain. It also helps patients suffering from dystonia a neurological disorder causing painful spasms that cannot be controlled. If injected in particular muscle areas, it paralyses them temporarily hence relieving spasms and aches.

Bladder Control

The use of Botox for treating patients who have an over reactive bladder is on the rise. Its injection to the bladder causes an increase in capacity. Depending on the amount used, the effect can last for several months. Botox is also effective when used on patients that have spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. This is because these conditions leave them with problems of the bladder.

Treating Excessive Sweating

The substance is useful to people that sweat excessively or have hyperhidrosis. Botox injections stop sweat production by producing acetylcholine, a chemical that acts as a sweat inhibitor. Acetylcholine acts on the sweat glands thereby inhibiting extra sweat.

Benefits to men

Men with enlarged prostrate can get relief from Botox. When injected on prostrate glands directly it leads to improvements in problems of frequent urination and reduces urinary tract infections.

Erase Signs of Aging

Botox improves physical appearance of the skin once it is injected with the right technique. It reduces the signs of aging by erasing wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, lines in the corner of the eyes and furrows virtually.

Slims the Face

In Singapore, Botox is also used to “slim” the face resulting in a sharper and more defined facial features. Botox is injected in the angles of the jaw relaxing the muscles that are used for chewing.

US FDA approves Botox for various treatments due to multiple benefits that it presents. The injections are increasingly becoming popular in almost every cosmetic, laser and aesthetic clinic in Singapore and the world.

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