Cutis Medical Laser – May Special: 2D Skin Rejuvenation Package

May 7, 2009

Known as the “non-surgical facelift”, the Titan™ treatment is used by Hollywood stars to achieve a younger, fresher look without any downtime. Titan™ works on the deeper layers of the skin resulting in clinically proven new collagen growth. Titan™ reduces laxity so that lines around the nose (nasolabial folds), lines around the mouth, neck laxity and even drooping eyelids can be improved by increasing your own collagen stores.

Complementing the Titan™ is Laser Genesis™, which works on the superficial dermis to improve fine lines, and textural issues. Laser Genesis™ has also been demonstrated to increase collagen stores and improve pores, superficial acne scars, and wrinkles.

Ask us for this “2D Skin Rejuvenation Package” which can help you look your best and competitive during these uncertain times.

Now $ 2,588 (USP: $4,002; includes 2 lower Face Titan™ and 2 Laser Genesis™ treatments).

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