Cutis April Feature Treatment

March 31, 2010
Make your skin glow with the powerful Pearl®
Clinical studies of the Pearl® have revealed that 91% 
of patients treated reported significant or dramatic 
improvement in photodamage, skin tone and texture. 

New collagen formation in the dermis
was seen in more than 80% of the subjects.  None of 
the subjects developed any complications.(1) In another study 
focusing only on Asian patients, clinical results 
demonstrate that over 90% of patients reporting excellent 
overall improvement in pigmentation, pores, and skin 
elasticity after the Pearl® treatment.(2)
Pearl Treatment in April - S$ 2,200 (USP: S$ 2,800)



(1) Brian Zelickson, et al. President, American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, ASLMS, 2009.
(2) Henry Chan, et al. ASLMS 2009.